Younghee Mandel-Baum[1] is a supporting character in Teacher's Pet.


Younghee is a petite 10 year old Korean-American girl with green skin and black hair. She wears a yellow tank top, red shorts, and black Mary Janes.


Younghee student in Leonard's class and is Leslie's best friend. Younghee usually is mean to Leonard or makes fun of him. However, it's later revealed she does this as she has a crush on him and doesn't know how to tell him or is afraid of what would happen. ("Taint Valentine's Day").


  • Younghee's parents are the owners of Korean restaurant, as revealed in Fifi.
  • In Taint Valentine's Day, it is revealed that Younghee secretly likes Leonard. Sadly, since the series was short-lived, it was never seen again.


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