Mr. Jolly: Man..... or Mouser?
General information
Season No. 2
Series No. 23a
U.S. Air Date January 26, 2002
Directed by Timothy Björklund & Alfred Gimeno
Written by Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Episode chronology
Previous Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Green
Next Party Animal
Mr. Jolly: Man..... or Mouser? is the first half of the tenth episode from Season 2 and is part of the twenty-third episode of Teacher's Pet overall. It was co-directed by Timothy Björklund and Alfred Gimeno, with Bill and Cheri Steinkellner writing the script.


Mary Lou is baking homemade cookies when she shrieks at the sight of a mouse. While attempting to call an exterminator, Leonard bets that Mr. Jolly can catch the mouse within five minutes before she gets off "hold" on phone, or she'll get his share of the cookies.


Voice actor Role(s)
Kevin Schon Spot Helperman
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp Mary Lou Helperman
Jerry Stiller Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers Mr. Jolly
Nika Futterman Margarita Ratoncita


  • This is the first episode to have more than one director.
  • This is the second episode not to focus on a school problem. 
  • This is another episode to feature an animated title card. 

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