Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie
Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie title card
General information
Season No. 1
Series No. 6a
U.S. Air Date October 28, 2000
Directed by Timothy Björklund
Written by Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Episode chronology
Previous Being Mrs. Leadready
Next Costume Pity Party
Let Sleeping-Over Dogs Lie is the first half of the sixth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. It was directed by Timothy Björklund and written by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner.


Ian's birthday party will be Scott and Leonard's first sleepover ever, and they are scared of spending the night at someone else's house, especially Ian's. But as the night goes on, not only do they both have a good time, Ian proves that he isn't as dumb and disgusting as everyone thinks.


Voice actor Role(s)
Nathan Lane Scott Leadready II
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp Mary Lou Helperman
Grey DeLisle Mrs. Wazselewski
Rob Paulsen Ian Wazselewski
Pam Segall Teddy Naven
Cree Summer Girl in class
Fred Willard Mr. Wazselewski

Pretty Boy appears with Leonard and Spot in the bedroom, but has no lines.


  • Moral: Always try new things and don't judge people based on what some people say about them. 
  • This is the first time Mr. Jolly does not appear in an episode.