General information
Season No. 1
Series No. 8
U.S. Air Date November 11, 2000
Directed by Timothy Björklund
Written by Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Episode chronology
Previous Scott's Honor
Next Bad to the Bone

Fifi is the eighth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. It was directed by Timothy Björklund and written by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner.


When the class goes on a field trip to the circus, Spot falls in love with a circus poodle named Fifi and they instantly fall in love on their date. Spot loves her so much that he decides to leave Leonard to go be with her. Or does he?


Voice actor Role(s)
Nathan Lane Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp Mary Lou Helperman
Jerry Stiller Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers Mr. Jolly
Jim Cummings Emilio, Clown, Train conductor
Bernadette Peters Fifi
Lauren Tom Younghee Mandel-Baum, Fifi's owner
Mae Whitman Leslie Dunkling


  • Moral: There are plenty of fish in the sea.
  • The scene where Spot and Fifi try to slurp noodles together and "accidentally" kiss is an homage to Lady and the Tramp.
  • In this episode we find out Younghee's last name is Mandel-Baum, and that her parents own a Korean restaurant.
  • Fifi is voiced by Broadway singer Bernadette Peters.


Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Eight - S01E08 - Fifi

Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Eight - S01E08 - Fifi