A Lick is Still a Kiss
General information
Season No. 1
Series No. 4
U.S. Air Date September 30, 2000
Directed by Timothy Björklund
Written by Bill & Cheri Steinkellner
Episode chronology
Previous Escaping Dog Trick
Next Being Mrs. Leadready

A Lick is Still a Kiss is the fourth episode of Teacher's Pet from Season 1. It was directed by Timothy Björklund and written by Bill and Cheri Steinkellner.


Spot tells Leonard that Leslie uses pink lemonade lip gloss ("with just a hint o' mint") as he licked her face earlier that morning. When Leonard mentions this to the cool kids, they misinterpret what he said and end up spreading a rumor that he and Leslie kissed each other on the lips. This causes an angered Leslie to never want to speak to Leonard again.

Not long after, Leonard is called to Principal Strickler's office, and Scott goes along with him. Strickler states if he does not provide evidence that he didn't kiss Leslie, he will be sent to the "School For Losers", in Principal Strickler's words. When Scott defends Leonard, Strickler also threatens to send Scott to the "School For Losers" with him. He and Scott must dispel the rumor by providing Strickler with the lip gloss in question.

As they both leave the room, Scott does his best to explain to the other classmates about how rumors can start out as small but end up as catastrophic in any situation. Leonard and Scott go to a cosmetics store in hopes they find the lip gloss Leslie wears. The saleslady informs the boys the lemonade lip gloss has run out. They then try searching through Mary Lou's makeup kit, and do not find it there either. They decide to sneak into Leslie's room and steal her lip gloss. When Scott finds it, Leslie is about to come in, so he takes off his costume in time to be Spot. Leslie is shocked to see Spot in her own room and decides to take him back to Leonard's house. As Leslie brings Spot back home, she still refuses to speak to Leonard as she is still upset with him, which causes Leonard to give up hope until Spot reveals that he had picked up Leslie's lip gloss on the way out.

The next day, Leonard's name is finally cleared and Strickler reveals he too uses lip gloss for his chapped lips. The following morning, Leslie stops by Leonard's house to apologize about thinking that the rumors were true. When she points out that Leonard is still wearing his fire truck pajamas while outside, he runs back inside in embarrassment as Spot claims that this is why other men sleep in their "skivvies" (slang for underwear).


Voice actor Role(s)
Nathan Lane Spot Helperman/Scott Leadready II
Shaun Fleming Leonard Helperman
Debra Jo Rupp Mary Lou Helperman
Jerry Stiller Pretty Boy
David Ogden Stiers Mr. Jolly
Rob Paulsen Ian Wazselewski
Pam Segall Tyler, Taylor and Trevor
Wallace Shawn Principal Strickler
Cree Summer Chelsey and Kelsey
Lauren Tom Ruth
Mae Whitman Leslie Dunkling
Rita Wilson Cosmetics saleswoman


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Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Four - S01E04 - A Lick Is Still A Kiss-1

Disney's Teacher's Pet Episode Four - S01E04 - A Lick Is Still A Kiss-1


  • Moral: Don't spread rumors.
  • A higher quality of the title card can be viewed here.